I’m not very good at this!

The reason I wanted to do a bit more blogging was to improve upon my writing skills and work on my expression! It’s been a very busy couple of weeks and while I’m not overwhelmed I’m finding that time just seems to escape me! 2017 is already throwing some curve balls but I’m managing fine! This year I definitely want to read more for business and pleasure! I even started downloading audiobooks from my library again but I’m not a big fan of audiobooks even though it served its purpose. There is something about actually seeing the words that adds to the entire learning and comprehension process.  The last couple of weeks all I’ve been doing in my spare time is reading which is the reason that I’ve not posted in so long! I just couldn’t look at another word, much less think about one! At least I’ve learnt some new words or some words I’ll probably never use in my vocabulary! Any way reading is my new norm currently so I might as well get used to it! I need to work on my time management and I suppose I could read a book on that as well…but who has the time? I’m chuckling to myself because this may be yet another thing to add to my To Do List and it’s sorta ironic that I need to find the time to read a book about time managment! Well I’ll figure it out I’m sure. In the mean time perhaps someone can give me some quick tips that may help! Well I don’t want to be too verbose so I’ll wrap this up! Toodles!

Here’s to new beginnings and journeys!


I’ve always tried to stay positive! The year 2016 was certainly a year of changes for me! I’m a bit of a control freak so you can imagine that some of this didn’t sit well with me! I think things happen for a reason and sometimes you just have to let go and let God! I can’t complain at all, things could be so much worst! I’ve been given the opportunity to explore more avenues in my employment, I’ve spent time with family and I’ve managed to stay stress free! I’m not going to make resolutions! I’m going to strive towards being more fearless in my desires and dreams! I’m going to pray more, exercise more and eat better than ever! Somewhere deep in my bones I think this year will be a great year or maybe that’s my optimism again! Regardless of the things and love ones who have passed I’m grateful for what was! In this life, disappointment and loss are a natural part of the puzzle that is life! We just need to keep moving forward and learning from our experiences!  For anyone that is reading this I encourage you to be fearless as I hope to be! Take those steps closer towards your dreams! Meditate and condition your mind to be persistent, learn everything and be a better person! Socially I’ve learnt that we may not be as tolerant of our differences as much as I thought! We all need to work on this! Being different is interesting it isn’t a bad thing! Get to know your fellow man and don’t have preconceived notions!

I’m really hoping 2017 is a game changer for me and for anyone who is reading this! I welcome the challenge!